Dicono di me

I really enjoyed working with Katja who has always demonstrated great ability in changing the company culture (from old & hierarchical to a new diverse & inclusive culture), a lot of passion in developing people, high level coaching skills and overall focus on enabling and equipping the organization for success.

Donato Cangelli

Commercial Marketing Director, Kellogg Company

Ritengo che Katherina sia stata in grado di sviluppare con grande professionalità attività di coaching e training nei miei confronti. Mi sono stati impartiti degli insegnamenti molto utili che hanno sicuramente contributo a rinforzare le mie competenze.

Fabrizio rizzo

National Account Manager, Kellogg Company

Katja is a great HR Director, strongly experienced both in hard and soft side of the human resourecs, with impressive communication skills and very effective leadership style.

Marco Fadda

HR Manager, Humanitas Group

Working with Katja has been fun and engaging: she’s passionate about her work, creative, determined, learning oriented, a very good manager for her people, business oriented and in the meantime people oriented. She knows how to motivate people and how to reach challenging goals. She’s been a great colleague to me.

Paolo Bolla

Head of Training and Development , Gruppo Giorgio Armani SpA

Katja provided first class output and analysis within her HR function during the time that we worked on the same Services management team for Europe. Katja progressed on many new iniatives and made a significant difference.

John Maton

Chief Data Officer , HSBC

Katherina and I worked together when I was the CIO/Project K lead in Europe. She was the primary lead for helping to embed the changes associated with a major restructuring of our business across the region. Through this very complex project, Katherina showed a unique ability that balanced a broad strategic view with the skill to ensure all of the details were addressed. She also does a great job of not forgetting the impact on the individuals across the business. She would be a great addition to any team.

John A. Gigerich

SVP/CIO, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

I worked with Katherina for 4 years in Kellogg and for almost one year she was my personal coach, helping me develop my managerial skills. I appreciated her great acumen to bring out inner strengths, develop the potential and cover any skill gap. As a trainer she is also extremely engaging and very professional.
Thanks Katherina!

Luisa Interlandi

Head of Financial Planning & Analysis, Microsoft

Katja is a manager focused on her human resources in term of listening approach and development. She dedicates much time on these activities demonstrating to be a good coach. She also demonstrates to be available to share her knowledge and to be so bold as to follow innovative solutions. She promotes team working.

Rachele Esengrini

Head of Training Italy and Talent & Development, UBS Wealth Management

Katja è una donna piacevolmente professionale. Non è una dote comune: molte pensano di dover mostrare la loro professionalità attraverso toni non sempre idonei, altre sono semplicemente troppo remissive. Trovare il giusto equilibrio, com’è nel caso di katja, è piuttosto raro. Credo si chiami classe.”
La sua professionalità è tale che ti permette di lavorare con la massima serenità, facendoti sentire sempre protetto. Dotata di una straordinaria umanità,energia,determinazione nel conseguire i risultati, il rapporto di lavoro con la sua funzione e con il suo team da lei ben diretto è stato anche sotto il profilo umano straordinario, dotata di grande professionalità e gentilezza che non ha paragoni. coerenza nella gestione, cura del particolare e creatività, dedizione e tenacia Katja., riassume in un’unica persona tutte queste qualità esaltate e potenziate da una disponibilità umana e professionale che la fanno divenire insostituibile per le persone che collaborano con lei

Salvatore Giuffrida

Private Label Manager

Katja added long term value to Kellogg Italy during her 4 years as HR Director:
-she successfully built a culture of feedback through a rigorous training and coaching plan to all level of the organization
-she positively led the transition to the new cluster structure, also thanks to her wide understanding of the business dynamics
-she became point of reference of most teams thanks to her empathy and ability to understand single people as well as team’s needs

Giordana Cortinovis

Commercial Strategy Manager, Kellogg Company