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A training course is not always the answer to the lack of competencies. The tendency to invest without getting value is frequent! Sometimes a workshop to stimulate dialogue within a team or the company can bring better long-lasting results.

We at Kinetic Thinking guide our customers in the most suitable choice for the specific needs of each business issue.

The approach that we have developed over the course of our 20 years of experience aims to help people and companies to work on their thoughts, emotions, attitudes and consequent behaviors: if we do not raise awareness in ourselves, we cannot influence or build relationships with others. 

The workshops we offer are designed ad hoc for each business problem.

Some recent projects:

  • Change Management programme tailored to define a new company culture, focus groups and leadership training to align to the new culture 
  • Emotional Intelligence – increase self awareness, develop empathy, define a personal identity and scope, improve relationships and drive performance
  • Intercultural Feedback Check –  increase the awareness between the headoffice and the local offices in order to build a more collaborative work environement
  • Team Coaching – identify the obstacles to team performance and create a motivating team climate
  • Team Building – a workshop to reinforce communication and collaboration while setting a common goal
  • Leadership Programme – workshops to enhance the leadership capability in the company
  • Other training  based on specific company needs: strategic thinking, problem solving, driving innovation, etc








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