If you’re not actively contributing to the solution, you might inadvertently become a part of the problem. Finding effective solutions to challenges is not a matter of chance; it requires a structured approach that enhances problem-solving skills while minimizing decision-related stress.

This course is designed to empower participants with a deep understanding of essential decision making techniques and equips them with the tools to tackle complex problems using both analytical and creative methods. This practical approach enables individuals to redefine the challenges they encounter, generate fresh, innovative ideas, and translate them into actionable steps to achieve their objectives.


Objectives of the course:

      • Learning to deal with moments of decisional conflict
      • Training own ability to anticipate and get past problems
      • Handling emergencies and unexpected events in a better way

Date: classrooms organised based on requests

Duration: 2 hours for each of 3 modules (online), 4 hours for each of 2 modules (in person)

Cost: 200 euros per participant (online), 300 euros per participant (in person)*

Location: Milan to define based on participants (central)

* for company coaching send an email to info@kthinking.net 








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