Katherina Tsalikis – Founder, Coach & Consultant

I was born in Canada from Greek/Swiss parents which allowed me to adapt to the multicultural environment that I was raised in. 

My personal purpose is to help others to build the courage to eliminate their obstacles, find well-being and grow. I believe that we all that the possibility to make decisions and change our future, we just need to be clear on what we want!

 I worked for 20 years as an HR Director and specialised in change management, personal development and helping managers and staff to manage transitions. I started coaching in 2006 and set up my own company in 2016 to focus on my passion of coaching and training. My core values are trust and transparency, which allows me to create deep empathetic relationships quickly, also thanks to my intuition and ability to read the situation and context quickly. My priority at the moment is to train and coach people to navigate through the difficult current environment and more feel comfortable with ambiguity by building their Emotional Intelligence (understanding oneself, finding a sense of purpose, understand others, self empowerment and strengthening relationships). I am also an expert in communication, influencing and motivating others.

I coach in Italian and English and have basic knowledge of French, Spanish and Greek.

Linda Van Andel – Coach, Consultant & Trainer

My personal purpose is to support people in becoming entrepreneurs of their talents. I believe that everybody has a unique set of talents and uses this approach to help others stay energised and motivated in their work.

 After 10 years as a management consultant, I started her coaching work in 2004, with my first start-up “Charismanagement”, using newly born digital photography as a tool. Since then, I have been a trusted coach in many different circumstances (from employees in large companies to free-lancers, from top managers to young professionals).

 I apply my profound passion for talent to help others in their professional transformation journey and leverages my studies of the future of work and digital start-up world. Empowering others to turn risks and fears into opportunity is a challenge she gladly takes.

 I speak and coach in 5 languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian

Barbara Vandoni – Coach & Trainer

After graduating in Industrial Chemistry, I worked for 10 years as a Sales Director and 7 years abroad as an expat in 3 continents (Asia, Australia & USA). My international work and life experience led me to understand people and their diversities. My purpose became to help others grow and follow their desires. Upon returning to my home country in Italy, I decided to relaunch my career as a coach which allows me to reap the benefits of my past experiences and develop further my interests in multicultural awareness.  

In each phase of my life, I give focus to others, by helping them to understand themselves. I am enthusiastic about seeing my coachees undertake new initiatives and roads with joy once they have clarified their personal and professional goals.