A journey to recognise and train your core skills to boost your potential and well-being

The closer we are to our “why”, the more we choose to live experiences consistent with our beliefs and values, the more our talents emerge spontaneously and will be visible to ourselves and to others. We can be amazed at what we are able to do by changing our perspective. Leveraging our thoughts and emotions can become an exciting challenge. How can I maintain more effective interpersonal relationships? What are the suitable levers to transform negative stress into positive productivity? This course is useful for those who want to change their professional and/or personal path, build their resilience, and experiment with new tools to boost internal motivation.

Course Description:

Module 1: Introduction to the EI Journey – 1.5 hours

  • Intro to Emotional Intelligence (EI) 
  • Getting to know each other

Module 2a: Self-Awareness Video – 30 minutes

  • Transactional Analysis Theory – a reflection of one’s personal journey, values and life scripts

Module 2b: Self-Awareness Online Course – 1 hour

  • Group work based on the TA theory and individual reflections

Module 2c: Self-Awareness Video – 30 minutes

  • Reflection on the “drivers” behind our actions, defense mechanisms and personal obstacles 

Module 2d: Self-Awareness Online Course – 1 hour

  • Group work based on the TA driver theory

Module 3a: Self-Regulation Video – 30 minutes

  • Reflections on stress triggers, reactions and actions
  • Building resilience

Module 3b: Self-Regulation Online Course – 1 hour

  • Group work based stress theories

Module 3c: Self-Regulation Video – 30 minutes

  • Neuroscience – how to change habits, manage stress and develop new “muscles” to face difficulties 

Module 3d: Self-Regulation Online Course – 1 hour

  • Mindfulness exercise
  • Group work on managing stress

Module 4a: Intrinsic Motivation Video – 30 minutes

  • Simon Sinek – understanding our personal “sense of purpose” and making coherent decisions 

Module 4b: Intrinsic Motivation Online Course – 1 hour

  • Group work on finding a sense of purpose

Module 5a: Personal Objectives Online Course – 1.5 hours

  • Mindfulness exercise
  • Personal Hogan Assessment
  • Identifying our strengths and areas to develop to activate personal change
  • Choice of development practise  (group vote for next lessons)

Module 6a&b: Managing relationships – 4 hours (in 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each)

  • Based on the group’s needs and choice, theory and practise on the proposed topics: 
    • Killman Conflict Management – approaches to dealing with conflict and choosing the right strategy based on the persone/situation  (Video recording – 30 minutes, Online Groupwork – 1 hour)
    • Influencing Skills – increasing the ability to reach one’s objectives through persuasion and win-win solutions (Video recording – 30 minutes, Online Groupwork – 1 hour)
    • Leadership & Change – dealing with ambiguity and how to trigger personal change (Video recording – 30 minutes, Online Groupwork – 1 hour)
    • Teamwork – driving team performance & motivation (Video recording – 30 minutes, Online Groupwork – 1 hour)

Module 7: Social Skills Online Course – 1 hour

  • Developing empathy – the ability to understand and relate to others 

Module 8: Mindfulness Online Course or Video – 30 minutes

  • Mindfulness exercise

Module 8: Closing session Online Course – 1 hour

  • Closing of journey- sensations & learnings and personal commitments

*optional: 1.5 hour individual coaching sessions to contextualise and elaborate course material and create a personal plan (75,00 euro)

Calendar: please send a message to receive the specific dates!

Length of course: 18 hours

Cost:  220,00 euro + IVA (if in Italy)

(possibility to pay in instalments)

Included in the cost: Hogan Assessment, Transactional Analysis Assessment Conflict Mgmt Assessment, Influencing Skills Assessment

Mode: ZOOM web

Interactive, experiential and dynamic course with moments of theory, reflection, and individual and group exercises. During the course, practical tools will be provided to enhance learning and understand the content shared. Each participant will receive an individual and personalized feedback thanks to the analysis of the tests that will be administered with the aim of increasing self-awareness and knowledge.

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