consulenza aziendale

Every company possesses its unique culture, a complex tapestry of dynamics and unspoken rules that can only be truly grasped by immersing oneself within it.

This is precisely why there exists a substantial distinction between those who have solely operated as external consultants and those who have held roles within companies. At Kinetic Thinking, we boast over two decades of hands-on experience within Italian and international multinationals, spanning diverse industry sectors. Our intimate familiarity, gleaned through years of keen observation and hands-on practice, in the multifaceted realms of HR, sets us apart from competitors who’ve never been entrenched within a company’s inner workings.

This depth of understanding equips us to quickly comprehend the intricacies of real-world situations and the specific needs that arise, enabling us to promptly devise tailored solutions. Our extensive track record in the field is our hallmark, assuring clients of an effective, client-centered, and professional service. Our approach to problem-solving is pragmatic, guiding clients to address their strategic and tactical challenges through meticulously crafted, results-driven, bespoke plans.

Some recent projects: 

  • Changing the company culture in companies from different sectors (food, fashion, skincare)
  • Design of the compensation & benefits strategy of an Italian company (food)
  • Design, implementation and rolling out of a 360° feedback tools in companies from different sectors  (energy&gas, manufacturing, food)
  • Design of a plan to support staff in a Digital Transformation for a French company (energy&gas)
  • Design of a  “talent management” process for an American food company
  • Design of an organisational chart for an Italian Private School Chain
  • Design and implementation of an assessment process for the directors of an Italian Private School Chain 


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