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Transforming Workplaces: Elevate Productivity Through Well-Being

We are dedicated to transforming companies into thriving, productive, and harmonious workplaces. We understand that a company’s success is deeply intertwined with the well-being of its employees. Through our expert coaching and consultancy services, we help you build a workplace culture that fosters not only productivity but also genuine well-being. We believe that you can unlock untapped potential, boost morale, and achieve remarkable results if you have a happy workforce.


Our coaching paths foster self-awareness and help individuals and teams recognize their true potential and limitations. Following a thorough analysis phase, we implement practical and effective methods that empower individuals to take constructive actions. Our approach is customer-centric, concrete, and results-driven. Throughout the coaching journey, whether individual or team-based, it’s the Coachee who takes the lead. Guided by the Coach’s questions, the Coachee makes strategic decisions to shift towards their new goals.

Workshops & Training

Our workshops are designed and tailored to each Client. Interactive tools are used to stimulate the active involvement of the participants: concrete business case studies, films, role-playing, games, and moments of individual and team reflection. The goal of our workshops is to raise participant’s awareness, understand their personal blockers, manage themselves and their relationships during change with more serenity, always aiming to maximize performance.


With more than 20 years of direct experience in multinational companies, Kinetic Thinking is able to offer concrete and tailor-made solutions for each customer and organization.

We continue to implement our studies and research in order to find and propose innovative methods and tools to create effective and winning plans.

The success of our customers is our success, their goals are our goals: we work to enhance the talent in every company and help them find the necessary motivation for a lasting and successful evolutionary process.

Kinetic Thinking helps companies, and individuals, to face their challenges and overcome obstacles by generating energy and well-being.

Kinetic Thinking uses pragmatic and concrete methods to learning. The team brings over 20 years of direct experience in Italian and foreign multinationals in various sectors.

We are able to analyse any type of business and to develop and propose specific methods that help the customer understand, first of all, what their real priorities are and, subsequently, guide them to think and act strategically. This allows the individuals and teams to listen to their emotions and needs to bring true value over time. 

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No Problems! Only Solutions

No Problems! Only Solutions

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Influence & Impact: The art of persuasion and the impact of communication. Self-aware people that have an impact on organizational reality have attitudes that go beyond the simple use of hierarchical levers or power. These people are able to be empathetic,...

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